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The master bedroom

The master bedroom was completed in two phases.  When we first moved in, the whole room was painted in the same chalky contractor white as the rest of the house.  In our previous house, the master bedroom (really it was a giant loft that included our office space) was done in black and white, so we used what we already had since it matched the chalky white paint.  That was fine for about six months until this occurred:

I’ve mentioned before that the kitchen cabinets had nicotine stains on them when we moved in.  Apparently, the contractor paint managed to cover the wall stains in our bedroom long enough to sell the house but, eventually, they bled through.  Major yuck.  We knew we had to do something about it, mainly priming and re-painting, but we decided to focus on actually finishing this room since we had really thrown it together in order to move-on to other more urgent projects at the time.  Plus, it felt a little cold and impersonal with all that white paint.  I started looking on the internet for some inspiration and found pictures of rooms I liked with black accent walls.  I showed them to J and he agreed that a black wall as a focal point would be a great feature in our room, kind of like this one Anna painted over at Door Sixteen:

I did some online research and we decided to give Ace Hardware a whirl for the paint.  I think, and I could be wrong, that their paint is made by the same company that manufacturers Benjamin Moore paint.  I’d heard that Benjamin Moore paint is very good and it does seem to be the paint of choice for a lot of design bloggers.  Hundreds of design bloggers can’t be wrong (I’m being facetious), so off we went to our local Ace Handyman store.   I found the black I wanted, which was “Tuxedo Black”, but decided to check the mis-tint shelf before we had the paint mixed.  Lo and behold there sat a full can of “India Ink”, which I had dismissed as being too blue of a black.  However, at $5.00 for a whole gallon, it suddenly became the perfect black.  We snagged that puppy up and headed back home to get our paint on.  We already had primer, so we didn’t have to incur an extra expense in that regard.

On an editorial note, first of all I didn’t notice much difference, if any, between the Ace paint and the Lowe’s Valspar.  They both covered easily, dried to a nice finish and smelled like paint.  Secondly, it is not that easy to paint one wall a different color, especially when one of the walls is a really dark contrast.  Getting a smooth edge is a little difficult and I finally ended-up using a Sharpie to give it a good clean line.  It worked-out well but if I were using a paint color that has no corresponding color of Sharpie, I’m not sure what I would do.  My hands are just not that steady.  In this circumstance, however, it worked very well.

When the black wall was finished, I felt that the black and white was still too stark and that the room still needed “something”.  Once again I went to my favorite inspiration spot and found what I was looking for:

Those pops of yellow completely reeled me in.  I realize it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure spoke to me, so I set about adding in a little yellow to our black and white.

Suddenly our bedroom had the vibe I had been wanting.  I found a few other accessories, such as this print from ebay, which is an old Phillips TV ad,


the happy yellow pillow on our bed that came from an Etsy seller appropriately named Pillow Happy.

That pillow was my one big splurge, at least to my own justification, in the bedroom.  The pillow cover itself was $15.00, plus $5.00 shipping, and the pillow form was another $12.00, even with coupon from Joann’s.  I went with a good quality form because I wanted it to last for long time.  I love this pillow.  It’s so incredibly soft and it makes me happy whenever I walk into the room.  So, while $32.00 is a lot of money for one pillow, if I break it down for an entire year, it’s only $.09 a day to bring sunshine into my life.  Not a bad deal, really, when put into perspective.

These chairs, though, were a fantastic Craiglist deal.  They are the leather Poang chair from IKEA, currently retailing for $149.00 a piece, but I got them for $90.00 for both, including a leather Poang footstool currently residing in our basement.  That’s more than a 75% savings!  The Lack side table from IKEA was $7.99.  For less than $100.00, we added this great sitting area to our bedroom.

The curtains are IKEA, too, which I no longer see on their website.  They were only $14.99 and we didn’t bother to cover the other widow because it’s so high.  These windows allow in an incredible amount of light making the room feel very airy.

Our furniture is from the IKEA Aneboda series.  It is pretty inexpensive and honestly not the best quality.  Do not buy this for your kids because they will destroy it.  However, if you are going to use it gently and want something that looks nice enough, this is perfect furniture for such an application.  We’ve had these dressers and nightstands for at least three years and they’ve held-up quite well with gentle use.  Plus, I like the clean lines and translucent fronts.  They compliment the room and fit-in with the feel of our house, so I’ve been quite pleased with these pieces overall. (Yes, my clothes do look messy in there.  Pretend you don’t see them.)

We found the vases on top of the chest of drawers for a few dollars a piece on clearance.  To round-out the wall decor, I hung these hand-me-down plates J had from his first apartment.

All-in-all, I am quite pleased with the master bedroom.  I feel very serene in there and, honestly, I still look around and marvel at how much space I have.  It’s definitely the largest master bedroom I’ve ever had, not counting the loft, and it’s really not all that big comparatively speaking.  But we love it and that’s all that matters.

So, here’s the breakdown, including the Aneboda furniture, owned, but still initially purchased:

Paint – $5.00

Furniture (including the Poang chairs, Aneboda and Lack table – the bed was free) – $297.95

Cat picture, including frame – $24.79

Decor, including vases, plates, letters, plants – $36.00

Happy yellow pillow – $32.00

Table lamps – $19.98

Curtains – $14.99

TOTAL – $430.71

Definitely more than we’ve spent on other rooms but, then again, this room was pretty much created from scratch.  All things considered, that’s still not a bad price for everything we’ve purchased.  Please note, though, I have not even begun to discuss the bedding.  That’s a whole nother post, which I will bring to you soon.

What about you?  Where do you derive your inspiration?  Do you have any cool sites you’d like to share?

P.S. I was not compensated in any way for mentioning the above-referenced companies.


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