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Liquid Gold, Baby

My mother-in-law is a big fan of a product called Liquid Gold.  It’s a wood cleaner/restorer that works really well on cabinets, furniture or whatever wood you may have that needs a bit of revitalizing.  She gave me a spare can she had and I’ve been cleaning all the knotty pine in our basement.  Our basement has a ton of knotty pine in both the man-cave and family room areas.

There’s some on the sides of the computer nook, as well.

It’s nothing you can really see from the pictures, but it cleans the grime off (55 years worth), while giving the wood a nice sheen.  It also covers small scratches and lessens the appearance of larger ones.  We had a couple of deep gouges in our basement stairwell and the Liquid Gold did a nice job of making them much less noticeable.  It’s not going to change the appearance of your wood dramatically, or anything like that.  No one’s going to walk into your kitchen and think you’ve replaced your cabinets.  It will, however, really spiff them up and somehow make you feel better about yourself.

The directions, which I failed to read beforehand, say to spray the Liquid Gold on a soft cloth and wipe the cabinets, buffing afterwards with a clean, dry cloth.  I sprayed the Liquid Gold directly onto the wood, wiped it with a cloth and that was it.  A day, or so, later, the Liquid Gold had totally absorbed into my knotty pine, almost like lotion on skin.

Now mind you, I’m not endorsing breaking the rules when it comes to the application of Liquid Gold by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, I think I would probably buff it if I were using it in a heavily traveled area, or where smaller children might be inclined to lick it, or something.  Mine wouldn’t do that now, I don’t think, but there was a time that they would, so I’m just sayin’…  However, if you’re going to use it on some wood paneling, like I did, or on a piece of furniture that can be set aside, I might be inclined to just leave it for a couple of days and give it the chance to really soak into the wood.  Just my opinion.

Anyway, if you have some dull looking cabinets, or some knotty pine that could use a little TLC, pick-up a can of Liquid Gold and get your shine on.

P.S.  I was not compensated by Scott’s Liquid Gold in any way.  I just like their product and thought I’d share it with you.

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