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I can’t wait!!

Right now we have this light hanging over our table.

It’s not centered and it really doesn’t match the style of our house.  I have no idea why it was hung where it was.  It’s not centered with anything.  I received some gift cards for Lowe’s for Christmas and I decided that I’d like to get some new lights for over the table because it’s bugged me for a long time that the light is not centered.  I sifted through thousands of choices and J pointed to one and said “that’s the one”.  At first I wasn’t completely sold on it because it seemed like a pretty bold choice, but the more I looked at other lights, the more I kept coming back to it.  He was right and I decided that it was perfect.  Sadly, though, I waited too long and when I decided to order them, they were discontinued on the Lowe’s website.  They still offered them in white, but I didn’t want white.  Plus, they had been around $76.00 before and the white ones had gone up to $102.19 when I went back to order them, which was well-above the $150.00 budget we had set.

I searched and searched, but couldn’t find them anywhere.  They are, in fact, discontinued by the manufacturer.  I finally searched on ebay for “red pendant lights” and found a place that had four. (There are still two available.)  I bought two for $157.00 total.  I couldn’t use the Lowe’s gift card, though, so I used some of the funds we had in house repair fund we started in January and put the Lowe’s cards in the house fund.  I know it’s not really a “repair”, but I didn’t go into debt to buy them, so it works for me.  Plus, J and I are in perfect agreement on them and when I saw them, I had to jump on the chance to buy them since I didn’t know if I would ever have the chance again.

We’re going to hang them, something like this.

So are you ready to see them?  We decided on these.

I can’t wait until we get them hung.  I think they’re going to look awesome.  We were both giddy when they arrived.  I’ll definitely post pictures when they’re finally up.

So what have you been up to lately?  Share!


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I am a work-at-home mother of two, daughter K who is 16 and son N who is 12. I live in a 1956 mid-mod ranch with my children and the love of my life, J. We're slowly renovating our house on a budget and love all things DIY. I hope to make this a place where frugal-minded folks like myself can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and find encouragement to tackle whatever life throws our way.

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