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Great Lakes Brewing Company Tour

A couple of weekends ago we happened to be in Cleveland and had the chance to go to the Great Lakes Brewing Company.  We took their free tour.  Actually, we knew we were going to be there, so we made reservations in advance, which is highly recommended.  If you want to go, make reservations as early as possible because they really fill-up, especially on the weekends.   It’s a really fun time and halfway through the tour, you have the opportunity to stop and buy a beer for a quarter.  Yep, any bottle of beer you want, made right there on the premises.  I chose the Edmund Fitzgerald, which is a nice porter.  I like it because it tastes like coffee.

Image found on Google Images

While we were pausing to drink our beers, I had a chance to look in some of their memorabilia cases and saw this ad which made me laugh.

Notice how how everyone, including the baby, children and dog, has beer?  Even the parrot has a glass of beer.  Can you imagine ads like that today?  I think giving a baby a bottle of beer is probably politically incorrect today, although I find the idea rather amusing.  It’s probably politically incorrect of me to think it’s funny.  I probably should be shocked and outraged but, alas, I’m sitting here giggling about the picture all over again.

After the tour, we went to the Brewpub across the street for dinner.  We both had the Old World Burger, which is described as having “Smoked cheddar, bacon, fried onion straws, housemade Edmund Fitzgerald Porter barbecue sauce, pretzel roll”.  It came with a side and we both chose the “Handcut Chips with Burning River Pale Ale Cheese Sauce”.  To nutritionally round-out the meal, we also added an order of the soft pretzels they make from the brewer’s mash. (It might not be the mash, but it’s something like that.  To be perfectly honest, the tour guide explained it during the tour and I, apparently, did my best Homer Simpson impression by thinking about donuts during the technical sounding stuff.)  I have to say  the meal was kick-ass.  It was not inexpensive and a little more out of our normal budget, but we used some of our “vacation fund” money that we had saved, so it was planned.  When you throw-in the free brewery tour, it was a 3 hour, or so, experience, so not that bad on a per hour basis and a full evening’s worth of food and entertainment.

If you find yourself in Cleveland, and you like beer, check-it out.


I was not perked or paid to share this with you.  I just happened to really like the place 😉


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