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Halloween Banner

I’ve been on a bit of a banner kick lately.  I really wanted a nice one last year for Thanksgiving but ended-up throwing this one together in about 15 minutes.

Then I wanted one for our patio, something summery that coordinated with what we already had, so I made this one.  It involved sewing and, from a distance, it looks okay.  I even had a few compliments.

Last week I made the big mistake of looking at “Halloween Banners” on Etsy.  I wanted one really super badly.  That’s how badly I wanted one – super.  Unfortunately, it’s just not in my budget.  It’s not that they’re overpriced.  They take a lot of time and materials and Etsy folks are there to make a profit.  I would love to be able to pick the one I love the most and order it, but I really can’t.  So, once again, I made one.  This time, though, I spent three days working on the thing.  I wanted to do it nicely because it should be something to keep and reuse, as well as something that I actually want.  Using a bunch of different ones for inspiration, I made this one.

I made it with supplies I had on hand, so there was no additional cost.  I used three different colors of scrap-book paper, a yardstick (because my kids have lost every single ruler in the house), a fine point Sharpie, a glue stick, a hole punch, some hole reinforcements and a package of black binding tape.  The inner white squares are 3X3, the black middle squares are 4X4 and the orange/larger white squares are 5X5.  I  went into Word on my computer, found a font I liked (Typewriter), held up a piece of copy paper to my computer screen and very lightly traced the letters with pencil because I’m out of printer ink (yeah, I know).  I then traced the letters onto the white squares with pencil and inked them in with the Sharpie.   After that, I added some spider webs and little spiders, all hand-drawn.  I started stacking the squares, gluing between layers as I went.  After they dried overnight, I punched two holes in each one to string the binding tape through.  I reinforced the holes on the back with the reinforcements for added strength.  I then strung the squares on the binding tape, knotting the tape between each letter. Voila!

I’m really pleased with it because, for me, this was a good effort.  For one thing, I am not artistic or very creative.  I’m a semi-successful copier.  I’m okay with that because it’s the truth.  I don’t think everyone is wildly creative or artistic.  I think Rebecca at Older and Wisor is wildly creative and artistic.  I’m not.  Which brings me to point two:  I don’t really love crafting.  In fact, my attention span is rather short and I get bored with things so I  hurry to finish with mixed results.  Sometimes I do like it and I’ll get some bur up my rear to make something.  But mostly I don’t and I’m okay with that, too.  If I loved crafting, and stunk at it, that might make me feel bad.  Every once in a while is enough and when I try really hard, I can make something decent.  (However, after studying the pictures above, my “l’s” look a little indecent, but I assure you they are not.)

Here I tried manipulating the color on this photo in an artistic fashion.

maybe not…

How about this…


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I am a work-at-home mother of two, daughter K who is 16 and son N who is 12. I live in a 1956 mid-mod ranch with my children and the love of my life, J. We're slowly renovating our house on a budget and love all things DIY. I hope to make this a place where frugal-minded folks like myself can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and find encouragement to tackle whatever life throws our way.

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