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“Decorating” for Thanksgiving

In spite of my fairly large collection of Halloween and Christmas decorations, my sum total of Thanksgiving decorations is paltry.

I have a pilgrim girl, a table runner, two leaf votive holders, a basket of assorted pinecones my son and I have collected on walks over the years, a harvest paper decoration that my mother-in-law used to hang in her cubicle at work and a not-so-lovely banner that I made last year.  That’s it.  I guess that goes along with the general attitude toward Thanksgiving decorations.  Clearly they’re not as popular as Halloween and Christmas decorations. I had to take K to Hobby Lobby the other night to get a mask for a school project.  While I was there, I perused the Thanksgiving half-aisle to see what they had.  I found a very pretty china turkey that I really liked, but it was $39.99.  Even at half-off, it’s still out of my price range for a highly breakable decoration.  Just out of curiosity, I typed in “Thanksgiving Decorations” in the search bar on Etsy and 12,795 items popped-up under the “all items” category.  I then checked “Halloween Decorations” which popped-up 37,1888 items under “all items” and “Christmas Decorations” which showed a whopping 117,880 items under “all items”.  Thanksgiving is definitely the loser when it comes to decorating popularity.  Why is that exactly?  I kind of feel sorry for Thanksgiving and I want to do better than this.

I do like the basket of pinecones, though.  They’re pretty and N and I have found a nice variety.  I also stuck a few other found items in the mix to make things more interesting.

I have zero budget for Thanksgiving decorations, so I’ll have to do some web-surfing to see what ideas I find that can be made from already-owned items.  What about you?  Do you have any good ideas to share?


About sugarshellandbutterknife

I am a work-at-home mother of two, daughter K who is 16 and son N who is 12. I live in a 1956 mid-mod ranch with my children and the love of my life, J. We're slowly renovating our house on a budget and love all things DIY. I hope to make this a place where frugal-minded folks like myself can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and find encouragement to tackle whatever life throws our way.

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  1. Hi! I’ve got to say I love your pinecone basket… Here we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but last year I made a magnolia and pinecone wreath that I loved… perhaps you could do something like that… it’s almost free =)

    • Thanks, Rocio! That’s a good idea. I don’t have a magnolia but I do have a lot of pretty colorful leaves that I could press and preserve to make a fall wreath. I also have a large pine with an abundance of pine cones in my yard, so I have plenty of those, too.

  2. Maybe it’s because the best decorations for Thanksgiving is the FOOD?? Once the table is crammed full of that, there isn’t room for anything cute 🙂

    • That’s true! I was just looking at some Thanksgiving tablescapes on Apartment Therapy and, while very pretty, I kept wondering where they would put the food since the decorations took-up all the space. I guess I’m looking for giant paper turkeys to hang in the window, or something, ha ha! Super classy.


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