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German Apple Cake

We’re still working on the apples we harvested from our trees.  I wanted to make an apple cake, but a richer more substantial apple cake than I usually make.  I found this fantastic recipe on Taste of Home that called for ingredients I already had on hand.  It has a nice dense crumb but is still moist.  The addition of the orange juice gives this cake a nice tanginess that balances nicely with the sweetness.  I really enjoyed this cake and it was a hit with the rest of my family, too.

German Apple Cake

(found on Taste of Home)


3 cups all-purpose flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

4 eggs

2 cups sugar

1 cup canola oil

1/2 cup orange juice

2-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

4 cups thinly sliced peeled apples (about 4 to 5 apples)

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon (I used 1 tsp. cinnamon, ½ tsp. apple pie and ½ tsp. nutmeg)

3 tablespoons sugar Confectioners’ sugar, optional


Combine the first three ingredients; set aside.

In a large bowl, beat eggs and sugar. Combine oil and orange juice and add alternately with dry ingredients to egg mixture. Beat until smooth; add vanilla and beat well.

Pour half of the batter into a greased and floured tube pan. Arrange half the apples over the batter. Combine cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle half over the apples. Top with remaining batter, apples and cinnamon/sugar.

Bake at 350° for 1 hour and 10 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool for 1 hour before removing from pan. Cool, apple side up, on a wire rack. Sprinkle top with confectioners’ sugar if desired. Yield: 12-16 servings.

I didn’t do this, because I didn’t have any whipping cream at the time, but I think this cake would be absolutely fabulous with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream.  You could use Cool Whip, if you happen to have that, but I really love fresh whipped cream.  It’s one of those things that seem intimidating the first time you make it, but once you do, you’ll be surprised at how easy and delicious it really is.

Here’s how I make it.

Sweetened Whipped Cream


1 cup heavy whipping cream

¼ cup confectioners sugar

½ tsp. real vanilla extract

Put the metal bowl and beaters that you will be using in the freezer.  Let them sit in there for a good 10 minutes or so.  While the bowl/beaters are getting good and cold, gather all of your ingredients so you’ll be ready to start as soon as you pull the bowl out of the freezer.

Pull the bowl of the freezer and pour in the heavy whipping cream.  Put the beaters on the mixer and mix on medium high until the whipping cream starts to thicken.  Stop the mixer and pour in the confectioners sugar and vanilla.  Mix on medium high speed until stiff peaks form.  Pay attention and you can’t mess it up.  Walk away, or leave it for too long, and it will liquefy again.  You’ll know when it’s ready because it will look like whipped cream.  I can’t describe it any other way but if you try it, you’ll see what I mean.  That’s it.  It’s delicious on just about everything.  Cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, bars, sundaes, pancakes, etc…

Let me know if you try it!


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