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Shag is Up!

If you recall, I had purchased these postcard prints on ebay and framed them with IKEA Ribba frames.




The Ribba frames look very nice and substantial, more than the $1.99 price for sure (although I got them during Black Friday weekend for $.99, woot).  The only real problem I find with them is the lack of appropriate hanging hardware.  I searched online for solutions and found quite a few.  In the end I just cut a small strip of that grippy stuff you line your cabinets with and glued it to the center of the back of the frame.


See how far recessed the hanging hook is on the back of the frame?  You’d have to have really long, skinny nails which we don’t have and which J said were not appropriate to the application.  (He also uses appropriate tools for the job, too.  For instance, he never uses a screwdriver handle as a hammer.  Can you believe that?  Sheesh.)  After doing a little research, I decided this was the easiest route for me .  Plus, I already had grippy stuff on hand, so no added expense.  So far, it’s worked great.  The stuff really is grippy and the frames haven’t moved in nearly two weeks.  As far as actual hanging is concerned, I taped two regular 8 1/2″ x 11″ pieces of paper  together  at the short ends to make an 8 1/2″ x 22″ piece of paper.  I laid the frames out end-to-end and then measured everything, marking where the nails needed to go.  I positioned the paper on the wall, lightly taping it to stay put and drove the nails into wall where I’d marked  them on the paper.  I pulled the paper off and hung the frames, making sure the grippy part was over the nail.  Voila!




I really like them.  J really likes them.  The kids really like them.  I even think the cats like them but maybe not. They don’t always appreciate art the way they should.  Shag’s art may not be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s true.  However, it connects with us and is representative of something we feel, so these are perfect for our home.   That’s part of making a house your home.  If you love something, hang it on the wall and look at it every day.  That’s my advice.

Now, on an unrelated note, here’s another look at the basement.


It’s not that bright in real life.  There aren’t any windows in that room so I have to use a flash to get a picture.  I like it in person although I might not have picked it if it hadn’t been $5.00.  For $5.00, I love it.  What does that say about me?

Anyway, it doesn’t look like much progress but that’s two full days worth of work between the painting, the floor cleaning, the junk removing, etc.  Here’s where I started last week.


It’s slow but I guess I have time and the basement is not going anywhere (I hope).  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  So, you know, maybe in another three months or so…

On another unrelated note, is anyone else doing the January Cure 2013 over on Apartment Therapy?  We’re on day 3 and so far I’m keeping on track.


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I am a work-at-home mother of two, daughter K who is 16 and son N who is 12. I live in a 1956 mid-mod ranch with my children and the love of my life, J. We're slowly renovating our house on a budget and love all things DIY. I hope to make this a place where frugal-minded folks like myself can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and find encouragement to tackle whatever life throws our way.

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