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January Cure 2013 Recap


I know it’s mid-February now but I want to do a recap of The January Cure 2013. I didn’t get every single thing done that I would have liked to, but I’m still very pleased with my overall progress.  I wish Apartment Therapy would do a Cure every month because it really gave me motivation.  I’m not sure why other than the “in it together” feeling and reading everyone’s comments about the progress they were making gave me the oomph I needed to work on my own projects.

The first day started with making a list of projects that I wish to accomplish this year.  Most of the items on my list involve our basement but a few are upstairs, such as finally painting the rest of the cracks in the kitchen cabinets.  I’ve been working on that project for over a year and still have one more section of doors to go.  There is also a scary cabinet that needs cleaned-out.  It is stuffed with stuff and the door has to be shut quickly to avoid an avalanche.

The second day we started an “outbox” which is a temporary holding place for items that you may or may not want to get rid of.  Our box mostly consisted of items out of N’s room and he ended-up giving everything in it away, along with a few items that I got rid of myself.DSC01589

Skipping ahead to the seventh day, our task was to select one project from our list that we wanted to accomplish during The Cure.  I chose re-caulking my bathtub since it was in a pretty dire situation.DSC01615

However, it ended-up being a complete fail.


Apparently when the directions say to dry for 36 hours before letting the caulk make contact with water or moisture, they really mean 36 hours, not 12, which is about how long we let it dry.  It was fine for about a week and then it starting peeling off.  So, that’s going to have to be re-done.  Yeah.

Day 8 had us choosing a piece of artwork to frame and Day 28 had us hanging it, which we did.DSC01698

Day 13 had us creating a landing strip.DSC01580

Day 21 was all about exercising a little cord control.  We’re still working on that but at least some ideas are in place on how to minimize the presence of J’s studio in our living room.1_13

Day 22 was a bathroom medicine cabinet clean-out day.  I didn’t really need to clean-out my medicine cabinet but I did need to clean-out the linen cupboard which is now neat and tidy.DSC01680

Day 23 took a look at living room lighting.  We needed some sort of light near the fireplace so after thinking about it for a hot minute, I retrieved a currently unused IKEA lamp from the basement and plopped it on the plant stand.DSC01700

I like the light there even though I’m not really thrilled with the plant stand, so we’ll definitely be re-addressing the lighting there at some point. For now, this is a free and easy solution.

I completed some other projects, too, such as re-configuring several of my kitchen drawers to make them more functional.  Some projects we still haven’t started, like this nightmare.DSC01655

And some projects I didn’t do period, like purchase fresh flowers.  I just couldn’t do it. I even looked at them in the store on more than one occasion but I just couldn’t spend the money on something that was going to die.  I compromised and bought this cactus, which is still living at the moment.DSC01612

Mostly it was fun and I enjoyed working on these little projects around the house.  Did any of you participate in The January Cure 2013?  Did you accomplish what you’d hoped?  Share!


About sugarshellandbutterknife

I am a work-at-home mother of two, daughter K who is 16 and son N who is 12. I live in a 1956 mid-mod ranch with my children and the love of my life, J. We're slowly renovating our house on a budget and love all things DIY. I hope to make this a place where frugal-minded folks like myself can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and find encouragement to tackle whatever life throws our way.

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  1. All great accomplishments in my book. I have been doing much of the same and know just how hard it is to get to those things when day to day life is a constant. Good luck with that master closet. I just rearranged my closet on a tight budget and a hurried weekend, but it was really worth it.

    • I saw your closet post and I think it turned-out great! That’s one of my goals, definitely and I will probably take a few cues from yours. And, no, I haven’t done much since The January Cure ended because life has been very busy with other things – kids, work, the usual. Always a work in progress and that’s okay 😉

  2. Excellent job, Jenny! Like I said before, I wish I had done the same and followed the Cure, but I didn’t. I have been working on other projects, and I have enrolled in some classes which really keep me busy (perhaps too busy), but I’m enjoying them and hoping something good will turn out of it all.

    I love your plant, and your cactus. When I read about buying fresh flowers in the Cure, I kept thinking the same thing. I too couldn’t have spent money on something that was dying a few days later. I think you spent you money more wisely 🙂

    Good luck on your closet! I’m having that same issue right now…

    • Thanks, Rocio! By the way, you have a beautiful home and a great eye, so I’m sure something good will come from your classes even if you are super busy right now. As far as the cactus goes, so far so good. I’ve actually never owned one before so this is a new experiment 😉

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