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Have a great weekend!


Dreaming of a Special Place

At the start of every spring I start dreaming of some special little spot in the backyard where I can hide and read. So far it hasn’t happened (especially since there’s still snow on the ground and it’s 11 degrees outside), but when I spotted this little Bohemian trailer on Apartment Therapy over the weekend, I knew I’d found the perfect thing. I even went so far as to see if there were any trailers listed in the ‘free’ section of Craigslist, but nothing so far. Isn’t this place amazing? What a great escape!

Groundhog Day 2014

I know I’m a week late in sharing, but I made a special cake for my favorite holiday last Sunday. While everyone else was watching the Superbowl, I was watching a real classic.  Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter for us!

Getting Ready

There’s more snow in the forecast and I’ve made sure that there are plenty of carbs and wine, two essentials when you’re stuck inside.

Currently In My Living Room

J’s parents are in the process of selling their house and part of that process involves purging their basement of a bunch of J’s ‘stuff’ (which, let’s be clear – when I am saying ‘stuff’, I’m being polite).  Stuff from his childhood, stuff from art school, stuff that he found in a closet in our old house and has hung onto for years, like that deer hoof gun rack on the right.  Admittedly some of it is my stuff, like the Raggedy Ann doll in the upper right corner of the picture, but most of it is not.  A lot of it isn’t even J’s.  Some of it belonged to somebody’s great something or the other and because of some incomprehensible invisible guilt, we are now the caretakers of even more stuff.  There is stuff on the other side of the room that isn’t even pictured, some of which belonged to our kids when they were little and which is hard to get rid off due to the aforementioned  guilt.  Now all of this stuff has to be sorted and either purged or assimilated into our house.  It looks and feels like we’re moving in all over again and I have actually cried over it a couple of times now.  I work from home and being surrounded by all of this stuff is driving me absolutely nuts.  I’m so busy and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, including putting all of this stuff away. There has been a bright side, however.  A very happy discovery.
My mother-in-law was sitting on a mother load of Corelle dishes in my long-coveted Crazy Daisy (or Spring Blossom Green, depending on who you ask) pattern.  I’ve been wanting a set of it for years to use as my everyday dishes and she didn’t even know it.  They’re just her ‘old’ dishes that she had stuck in a box and left on a shelf years ago, long forgotten.  These beauties have completely brightened what has otherwise been a pretty rotten month.  It just goes to prove that there is always a sliver lining, or at least most of the time.  You might have to dig through 17 layers of stuff to find it, though.

Another Post About Books

Ever since I found a book at the library about living with books and posted about it, I’ve been obsessing about displaying our books in some manner.  I always have some stack of books sitting around in a haphazard fashion but ever since drooling over some of these gorgeous pictures, I can’t get the idea of having books in our home out of my head.
For the longest time I’ve tried to convince myself that I don’t need them and they are just ‘clutter’ but I love them and think they really bring something positive to my overall well-being. I found another book at the library about living with books from House Beautiful called Decorating with Books.
Honestly, I like Books Make a Home  more but I did find some captivating images in Decorating with Books that made me realize that I really need to display some books in our home.   Just looking at these images gives me  a serene feeling.  That’s something I would like to manifest in my own surroundings because I really feel that anything that relieves stress is a good thing.  Not to get all Freudian, but I’ve loved the library ever since I was a little kid and going there has always invoked these feelings in me. It would make sense that surrounding myself with books would give me that feeling in my own space.
Each of these images are of entirely different architectural and decorating styles, yet I love them all. They all give me that same deep contented feeling that I want to replicate. Inspiration struck me over the weekend and I decided to use a closet component that was gathering dust in the basement as a bookshelf next to my nightstand.  It’s not the most beautiful bookshelf but I figured I could live with it for a while to see if living with books is what I really want.  So far, I love walking into our bedroom to be greeted by this cheerful stack.  Not only that, but it gives me a place to display all of my collected Dwell magazines.
It’s only been a few days but this stack has convinced me that I want to display the rest of our books in the basement TV room.  Right now they are stuck in a shelf  that’s overrun with dvd’s and entertainment equipment.  I want to display them and let them shine in their own right.  That room has been slow going but progress is being made.  I hope to work on it before winter so we have a place to escape in the evening.

Do you live with books?  How do you manage them?

How can it already be time for Halloween?

I swear we just celebrated Halloween.  It seems like only yesterday when I posted about decorating my house and how much I love Halloween.  Now here we are again.  I didn’t get anything new this year.  I used what I already have and changed-up my displays a little.  I wanted to go for something more Edgar Allan Poe-ish this year and I don’t know if I achieved that, or not, but for using only what I already have I’d say it isn’t too bad.
The picture was found years ago in a trash pile at some random house and the bottles were a Christmas gift last year from my nephew who knows I love Halloween.  Of course I also used my orange owl George.   I love George and he loves me back for rescuing him from Target’s Dollar Spot.  The fluorescent lights in that place were killing him.

When you back-up, it’s a little less Poe-ish but still okay.
I re-used the Halloween banner I made last year which is holding-up surprisingly well.  I may still shade in the letters.  It’s year two and it may take me another couple of years to decide if I really want to put any more effort into it or not.  Last year I was really into the whole season it but this year has been really busy and I feel like it’s going way too fast.
So have you noticed the year has flown by too?