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House Tour

Welcome to our home.   I will update these rooms as they are completed.  After two years, we’ve made a lot of progress but there is still much work to be done.

Living room before:

Living room after:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Dining “room”/entry before:

Dining “room”/entry after:

Hallway (I have no before):

James Bond, baby!

N’s room before:

N’s room after:

K’s room before:

K’s room after:

Master bedroom before:

Master bedroom after:

I have a bit of a bedding obsession.

Bathroom before:

Bathroom after:

Basement TV room before:

This is a cheat.  I actually don’t have before pictures, but it was exactly the same as the bar area.  Contractor white cinder block and grody concrete floor.

Basement TV room after:

I know, these are dark.  I opened all the upper windows, turned on all the lights, used a flash, no flash, etc. and still got dark pictures.  I will experiment some more and replace these with something better.  In the meantime, these will have to do.

Man cave/bar area before:

Man cave/bar area after:

Most of it is a work in progress – stay tuned.  However, the computer nook is finished:

Laundry area before:

Laundry area after:

Front of house before:

Front of house after:

Back of house before:

Back of house after:

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  1. What a difference! Nice job!

  2. Beautiful and shows a lot of work. Something to be very proud of. Sheila and I ware very happy for you and Justin.
    U. Steve

  3. Hi Jenny!!! your blog and home are so beautiful!!! I love your bedroom and living room!!!! 😀

    I´m now your follower… and I´ve recommended your blog in mi “Favorite Links” of my blog too!!! so… I´ll be very happy if you want to follow me and recomend my little blog too!!!! (and Facebook too)

    Thank you very much, and have a nice week!!! 🙂
    Laura (Spain)

  4. Nice tour! I love the outdoor area.

    • Thank you very much! The house tour is due for an update soon. In fact, I remember at the beginning of summer you were discussing the best light for photographs and why now is a good time to update house tours and I remember thinking that I really needed to do that. Now it’s almost the end of summer and I still haven’t done it. I will get there one of these days!


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